Well I guess I’m getting older. I was at the local MCC thrift store a few days ago and found they had some beets there. I thought about making beet salad, but left them in the fridge for a while and decided that I didn’t want the mess or the salad for that matter. So finally I figure that I would make some canned beets.

When I was young you couldn’t pay me enough to eat beets. Now that I’m considered an adult, I’ve eaten beets and they’ve started growing on me. So I figured making a few canned beets would be a good idea. I found a recipe using google and modified it to make just a few jars. You can find the recipe here: Beet Recipe.

So my Friday included making three pints of pickled beets and building a shelf to hold them. We have a small pantry/closet above our basement stairs that we’ve been using to store canned goods. But since we only use pint hars for canning there is only two of us the shelves are too far apart. So I added another shelf in between to double the storage of jars and cans.

It’s a lot easier to prep and store jars when they’re all the same size. Plus they look good on the shelf.