Breakfast of champions

Join us for another amazing breakfast this Saturday. The usual food will be served with biscuits and ham and omelets and pancakes and toast and wash it all down with rich dark hot coffee. You can smell it already can’t you.

Your neighbours and friends will be there, and I’m sure you will want to tell each other about how good your field or garden produced this year. To get you started, I’ll let you know that my garden was small and had some problems with cucumbers, but the tomatoes were amazing, and the chokecherries produced buckets. So come out tomorrow and tell your story to the people sitting with you.

  • What: Reinland Fall Breakfast
  • Where: Community Centre at Reinland
  • When: November 5 from 7:30am to 9:30am
  • Who: You and your friends and neighbours
  • Why: Harvest is done, you can swap stories about what happened in your back yard.