Golf tournament a success

Well a few of the people who signed up for the golf tournament decided that the rain was a bit too much to bear, but for putting for parthe rest of the hardy souls, a wonderful afternoon was had.

Some minor setbacks getting to the Walhalla golf course were experienced by the organizers. It seems that the border patrol had new rules regarding bringing the prizes back and forth and now require 4 months notice before approving the transfer of prizes across the border. This goes both ways so if you want to bring prizes into Canada from USA then you will have the same issue. This meant that after golfing and eating the group gathered back in Reinland at the community centre for the distribution of prizes.

The tournament was a best ball or Texas scramble style. The final scores ranged from 1 under to an amazing 6 over by the group I was in. We were concentrating on playing strictly by the rules and no cheating was tolerated unless absolutely neccesary. Considering this was my first outing since the last Reinland golf tournament I was impressed that it only took me three holes to connect with the ball.

The golf tournament did start a bit late while the early starters waited for the rain to let up. Once started our group only paused to put on and take off our rain gear. Some of the more hardy of us didn’t even bother with a jacket.

After distributing the prizes the gourp discussed the viability of the Reinland golf tournament. It was decided that we would plan for another tournament next year with the prize distribution following at the Community Centre at Reinland.

We will do our best at to get an online signup for golfers, and all the information about the tournament will be posted here as quickly as we know about it.

See you next year.


Reinland golf tournament reminder

Don’t forget, the Reinland golf tournament is today. If you’re coming out, you will want to bring your golf clubs, but if you forget you can probably rent some, but you will need some balls, but you can probably buy those if you forget. What you will most definetly need is your passport. If you foget that you will have a tough time since the tournament is being held at the golf course in Walhalla ND. Make sure you give yourself a bit of time to cross the border before tee off.

Eden Tractor Trek kickoff breakfast

Well it’s a little late, but here’s a bit of info about the breakfast last week that kicked off the Eden Tractor Trek. Preparations started before 7:00am and the kitchen was a flurry of activity by the time the trekkers started rolling in. The usual fair was prepared, eggs cracked, peppers chopped, cheese grated, ham sliced, and of course coffee and biscuits which every Reinland breakfast must have.

I was up extra early and did my part to help out including frying a few omelets and then as demand grew making a few pancakes as well.

cooking pancakes As you can see, we make a lot of pancakes. This was the main pancake cooking station.

To help deal with the heat in the kitchen, the Ham and sausage cooking was moved outside to a grill which I’m sure helped draw the crowd in more quickly. The smell of the sizzling ham was enticing even after I had eaten.

After the tractors started their trek and most of the crowd had left, we had a bit more excitement. Well to be fair it may only be exciting to a city kid like me. North of the village there was a field that was bing sprayed and the crop duster flew right over the top of the community centre. Now I’m used to planes flying overhead, but not when they’re close enough to see who’s in them. So for the people who read this who don’t get to see crop dusters I took a few pictures.


crop duster and community centre   another go round   it's a big noisy bird

Reinland Golf Tournament

It’s time for the 16th Annual Community Centre at Reinland Golf Tournament!

No experience is necessary (although you may find that a passport is).

July 26, 2011, at the Walhalla Golf & Country Club (which is why you’ll need the passport, or other acceptable border-crossing identification). First start time will be at 4:30, and will continue until 6:00 pm. You can enter solo, or as a foursome. Format is best ball, so all skill levels are welcome. Cost is green fees + $1.

To enter, email Werner at ( werner at reinland dot ca ) or call him at 325.4495.

(We don’t have online signups available this year. Sorry).

Eden Tractor Trek and Community Breakfast: July 16, 2011

Once again, The Eden Foundation is putting on a Tractor Trek to raise money for community mental health, and once again, our own Armin Ens is at the forefront. As last year, it begins in Reinland with a community breakfast.

The breakfast itself runs from 7:30-10:30, and will buffet-style this year, so people won’t have to wait as long for their breakfasts. As registration for the Trekkers begins at 8, you probably won’t see many tractors before then. The opening ceremony is at 10, outside the community center.

Breakfast is open to everyone who wants to come by. Trek participants’ breakfast is included in their registration, and for everyone else, it’s by donation.


See you there!