Low-German Night of fun.

What can I say about the Low-German play that would do it justice? Fun, fantastic, an evening of wholesome laughter and a real treat. To be honest I did miss some of the jokes since my Low-German is still very poor, but I’m am practising a bit more now and I’m slowly getting better.

For those of you who missed Friday evenings presentation, I’ve got a little clip of the opening act.

I hope you’ll come out and join us for the next event. We’ll be sure to post the events here.

A “Boot Sale” isn’t just for boots.

Some of you may have seen the little handouts around the village about the new community event: a Boot Sale.

Boot sales are something of a British phenomenon – it’s where a bunch of people go to a predetermined place, park their vehicles in a circle with the boots (that’s “trunks” to us Canadians) facing in. Then they open their boots to show items they have for sale. Sometimes someone will set up their stuff on a table, but often, it’s just arranged in the boot.
All kinds of stuff gets sold at a boot sale. Electronics sales are popular in the U.K., but household items, antiques, crafts, and pretty much anything else can be found at a boot sale.

Now when Marlene, who is one of the organizers, heard about boot sales from her British son-in-law, she thought it was a pretty neat idea, and the Reinland Boot Sale concept was born. Here are the particulars:
Reinland Boot Sale
Saturday, May 15, 2010
Reinland Community Centre

Refreshments will be available, and we’re hoping for all kinds of different items. Remember, you’ll only be able to bring as much as you can fit in your boot, so ideally, you want smaller, more valuable items. I’ve heard that there are people who will be bringing handmade chain maille jewelry and at least one bringing wood turning crafts. I know I’m really looking forward to seeing what people are going to offer for sale.

If you’re interested or need more information, please call Marlene at 325-4495 or Marilyn at 325-5592.