Plautdietch Spoos

Do you have a desire to act?

Do you know some low-german?

Tryouts are tonight for the next low-german play in the Community Centre at Reinland. Come out and see if there is a part for you to play in the next amazing production. I don’t have any details about what the play is or when rehersals will be, but you can find out more tonight at the community centre.

Reinland Community Breakfast

Well, fall is almost over, and it’s time to get together and eat good food with good people. In just a week and a half, there is another famous Reinland breakfast. You know the menu from last time, the very best in breakfast fare will be served including omelets, eggs, ham, toast and of course lots of steaming hot coffee. I will be there bright and early to help with the biscuits and to drink my share of coffee. Poke your head in the kitchen and say hi to all the great people who make this possible.

eggs We will make sure that there is enough food for everyone. The proceeds go to support the Community Centre at Reinland. Remember the date and get there early for the freshest biscuits.

  • What: Reinland Community Breakfast
  • Where: Community Centre at Reinland
  • When: November 20th 7:30am – 10:30am

I’ll make sure I save you a bit of coffee.