Change and responsibility

It’s interesting how life changes. Last year I was in an increasingly stressful job thousands of miles away from anything famliar, and trying to juggle the different roles that were being thrust upon me. Not only was I the front line help desk person, I was also the server guy, the email guy, the backup guy and the sound guy, and as the temperature rose I was also the sweaty guy. All these things were getting more intense until I finally injured myself in Summer and almost collapsed from all the stress.

Once we got back to familiar ground and where we thought life would get normal, we found that while we were gone, life here in Southern Manitoba had also kept going and things were not exactly how we left them. Granted some of the things in our house were exactly where we left them, but it turns out they too change over time and a year is not a kind thing to a bag of flour.

As my job before we left on our adventure was nothing special, when we returned I started a job more than an hour away from home. The commute was fine, and I enjoy driving, and I was allowed to work 4 ten hour shifts which made for a long day but I did get to spend Wednesday’s at home. This last month my job moved to a much closer location, and now my commute is about 4 minutes instead of 80 and I get homebefore 6pm which is when I left work at the other store.

This has been a wonderful blessing, and I enjoy it, but there is a trade off. I no longer get an entire uninteruted day in the middle of the week to spend with my wife. I also now have time to take on other things of which there have been many. It seems that Sunday afternoon really is the only time when there is time to reflect on life and all that has and is given to me. I suspect that the only remedy is to go to bed earlier, but I’ve spent my life fighting that and it is so difficult to change.

I am lucky enough to have some projects put on hold, and my own list of things to do around the house are not so great that I won’t be able to sneak in a few evenings of relaxing and putting my feet up. I think that will be good, but today there are still some responsibilities that mean I will have a bit more work to do at home before I get to sleep.

Well, we made it back.

So we haven’t been here for quite a while. Sometime back in August 2013 I managed to break the web site and with all the stuff going on I wasn’t able to get the site back up and running until now.

So what happened? Well, I clicked on the update button without doing my homework. When you update a computer, things usually work better, but when it comes to web sites, there is a little more involved. What I should have done was make sure I followed the steps written out for updating this system, but I didn’t and it went bad.

Also during the time when this all went bad, my life was full of other things that required my energy, and since this web site is more a hobby than a business, it took second place on the list of things to do. I have managed to make it through some high stress things recently and now we’re on the sunny side of the problems. Now I can concentrate on building this site back up to its former glory.

Part of all this included removing some other web sites that I am no longer involved with. We will be moving in a different direction in the future. Thanks for showing up and come back soon.

Two great events coming up

Eden Tractor Trek on July 21, 2012

Once again the Eden Foundation is having a tractor trek to raise funds in support of the Eden Mental Health Centre. Armin Ens is organizing this great event and the day will start with a breakfast in the Community Centre in Reinland.

Breakfast will be from 7:30am until 10am when the opening ceremonies will start for the trekkers. Breakfast fees are by donation.

Registration for the trekkers will open at 8am.

Golf Tournament July 24, 2012

17th Annual Reinland golf tournament will be held at the Walhala golf club with prizes awarded in Reinland at the Community Centre after the tournament is completed. Last years tournament caught us offguard with the changed border crossing rules, but we were able to make things work. this year we have planned ahead and look forward to a great outing.

Sign up for the Golf Tournament here


The First Breakfast of the Year

Well the waiting is finally over. This Saturday March 10 is the next great Reinland community breakfast. I know that the winter wasn’t long and cold, in fact up until a few days ago it looked like we wouldn’t even have a winter, but the prayers of the snowmobile enthusiasts were answered, and we got enough snow that I could even try my snowblower.

So come out this Saturday to the Community Centre at Reinland. We’ll make sure you don’t go away hungry.

  • What: Reinland Community Breakfast
  • Where: Community Centre at Reinland
  • When: March 10th 7:30am – 10:30am


The coffee will be ready when you get here.

Breakfast of champions

Join us for another amazing breakfast this Saturday. The usual food will be served with biscuits and ham and omelets and pancakes and toast and wash it all down with rich dark hot coffee. You can smell it already can’t you.

Your neighbours and friends will be there, and I’m sure you will want to tell each other about how good your field or garden produced this year. To get you started, I’ll let you know that my garden was small and had some problems with cucumbers, but the tomatoes were amazing, and the chokecherries produced buckets. So come out tomorrow and tell your story to the people sitting with you.

  • What: Reinland Fall Breakfast
  • Where: Community Centre at Reinland
  • When: November 5 from 7:30am to 9:30am
  • Who: You and your friends and neighbours
  • Why: Harvest is done, you can swap stories about what happened in your back yard.

The start of the harvest

I had the day off from my regular job, but I stopped in to drop something off for one of my co-workers. While there I was told, “The new potatoes are in.” He meant the new crop red Norland potatoes, the ones everyone waits for so anxiously. I made sure I took a sample for further testing before proceeding to Reinland to make a few stops.

My first stop was to check in on my in-laws garden. They said i should look for any ripe tomatoes and take them since they were busy this week and couldn’t check themselves. Alas the tomatoes were still only lightly pink, but I found 4 large cucumbers that probably should have been picked a few days ago, but weren’t past prime yet. I think they are destined for relish. My next stop was to check in with Carl since he had some difficulty with uploading the latest episod of Zachries Fetalt. As I was leaving there I was told there were a few ears of early corn in the back of my car. I made sure I unloaded a few of my sample potatoes before I left.

Linda and I took a short trip over to Morden to their farmer’s market and sampled some of the wares there but realized that we already had too much in the car for our needs and left after having light meal.

Now of course new potatoes demand simple preparation. So with that in mind I set a few in a pot with a splash of water and got them simmering. While they did that I headed into the back yard where we have a growing chokecherry orchard. In the time it took to boil the potatoes I had a beautiful bucket of chokecherries with more to spare on the trees. I did notice that the crab apple tree didn’t have any fruit, but the abundance of chokecherries will compensate. We do have another late crab on the other side of the yard that seems to be doing as well as ever, but it’s a strange tree. the apples are small and really only ready in October and at that they are still tart.

It seems that all the apple and plum trees in the area are having a hard year this year. I guess our jam and jell choices this winter will look a bit different. I did get to taste stem ginger marmalade this year and I’m thinking that some of our tart crab apples will be pressed into service in an apple ginger jam to spice up the winter mornings.

Now it’s off to play with the chokecherries. Jam will be made soon.

Golf tournament a success

Well a few of the people who signed up for the golf tournament decided that the rain was a bit too much to bear, but for putting for parthe rest of the hardy souls, a wonderful afternoon was had.

Some minor setbacks getting to the Walhalla golf course were experienced by the organizers. It seems that the border patrol had new rules regarding bringing the prizes back and forth and now require 4 months notice before approving the transfer of prizes across the border. This goes both ways so if you want to bring prizes into Canada from USA then you will have the same issue. This meant that after golfing and eating the group gathered back in Reinland at the community centre for the distribution of prizes.

The tournament was a best ball or Texas scramble style. The final scores ranged from 1 under to an amazing 6 over by the group I was in. We were concentrating on playing strictly by the rules and no cheating was tolerated unless absolutely neccesary. Considering this was my first outing since the last Reinland golf tournament I was impressed that it only took me three holes to connect with the ball.

The golf tournament did start a bit late while the early starters waited for the rain to let up. Once started our group only paused to put on and take off our rain gear. Some of the more hardy of us didn’t even bother with a jacket.

After distributing the prizes the gourp discussed the viability of the Reinland golf tournament. It was decided that we would plan for another tournament next year with the prize distribution following at the Community Centre at Reinland.

We will do our best at to get an online signup for golfers, and all the information about the tournament will be posted here as quickly as we know about it.

See you next year.


Reinland golf tournament reminder

Don’t forget, the Reinland golf tournament is today. If you’re coming out, you will want to bring your golf clubs, but if you forget you can probably rent some, but you will need some balls, but you can probably buy those if you forget. What you will most definetly need is your passport. If you foget that you will have a tough time since the tournament is being held at the golf course in Walhalla ND. Make sure you give yourself a bit of time to cross the border before tee off.