Why I will no longer buy Toshiba products.

Almost four months ago I was involved with buying a new laptop for our church. Since our needs are not that great, we found a nice 17" with an fast AMD processor and made sure we got as much memory as we could. This should have been a smoking fast machine that would speed up the paperwork and make any office work a simple thing compared to the older computers currently being used.

The choice was simple enough, a local store is also an authorized service centre for Toshiba computers, the deal was pretty good, and the assurance that any problems could be handled locally and quickly sealed the deal. What we didn't expect was that Toshiba had utterly failed in their ability to do quality control checks on this particular model.

The first week, the computer seemed to work, although it was only turned on once or twice as I setup the software and security for it's final use. We purchased the latest version of MS Office and got the anti-virus installed and updated. Various other software was installed, and then a recovery image was made incase we ever had to reinstall everything.

The second week we took it to the office and got all the archived data transferred onto the new computer, and made sure that it was up to date and working properly. Everything seemed normal, but it wasn't.

By the third week I got a call asking why the laptop wasn't booting properly. After 5-6 failed attempts nothing was starting, just a power light and a blank screen. Well, I did a bit of troubleshooting and we got it started, and I thought it was resolved, until Sunday when I heard that it failed to start2-3 more times that week.

Well, back to the store it went, and they assured me that they would get it fixed, and they tried. The replaced the motherboard 4 times and each time it got worse. The first time they replaced it they gave it back and we used it for a week before it went back to get the next motherboard. After the fourth faulty motherboard Toshiba finally gave up and asked the store to send it in.

Two weeks ago Toshiba claimed that they fixed it and were sending it back. They usually manage to ship within a week however it looks like they're managing to screw up that as well. It's too bad, that they've managed to screw this up so much. I was looking at replacing my aging laptop, and Toshiba has come up with some inovative ideas, and they've left some of the bad driver issues from Windows XP in the past, but this is too much.

I expect better from the companies I do business with. If you can't fix it, replace it. If you can't replace it, give me my money back and I'll find a company that wants my business. This is the last time I buy a Toshiba. It's just not worth the hassle.