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Listener Feedback

Comments gathered form listener's far and wide.

Comment from Manitoba

Hi Carl. Thank you for sending your program to my computer, this way I can listen to it when I have time. Last night I was busy visiting, my brother and his wife are here from Mexico, so we do a lot of spetziren (romdrieven) visitando. Thanks again and God bless.       Jake

Comment from Manitoba

Due Jung, aul wada mett doat welteljet internet, eh ??  Woa jeit dit aula haan, anyways ??

              Nah yo, dann noch ein gooda dach !!!!  Komm noch mohl too koffe !! (ich hab nich Yerba)


Good to hear from you.    Sid


Comment from Bolivia

Hola Zachries.

         dankschoen fi den berech, daut schauft sehr fein, nue foddat dee nich registrar. bloos nopp drecken, in dann foat'a loos, ............. nue ess daut Wada hia aul scheena.  jetz ist Donnerstag den 22-07-2010. hora 7:30              Jacob

comment from Winkler

Carl's shows are great. I don't even understand much plautdietch, but I'm learning.        John