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Listener Feedback

Comments gathered form listener's far and wide.

From the USA

Dear Carl,  I haven't received the program this week.  I tried reinland.ca and didn't get it.  What do I need to do?  Joann

Dear Joann,

      Not sure how to answer your question. The website has worked great for hundreds of others and all they needed to do was to go www.reinland.ca
      Once you're on that website, you click on "plautdietch" and the programs for June, July and now August should already be there and available for you to download and listen to. In fact, as I'm out on holidays, I just checked the website and I find that John has now programmed a "listen to the program" button as well as a "download" button. 
       The way in which I was sending the program before, using "yousendit", got me about 300 downloads or so, out of 500 people listed in my database. Through the website, we've seen over a thousand hits already. Pretty amazing!!!
       I really hope it can work out for you somehow. If it doesn't and you want me to forward you the last program(s) by "yousendit", let me know and I'll send the link out to you.  Enjoy your Sunday.   Shalom,    Carl.

Comment from Paraguay

      Wir haben einen wunderbaren Tag! Endlich mal wieder etwas wärmer! Man sagt ja, was heute am beständigsten ist, dass ist der Wandel und das scheint hier jetzt mit dem Wetter so. Einige Tage Südwind, dann dreht er langsam nach Osten bis Norden und dann am nächsten Tag ist er wieder aus Süden.
       Ich spiele an jedem Donnerstagabend Fussball 5 und danach fahre ich nach Hause und höre mit meiner Frau zusammen "Nies met Zachries" über den FM Radiosender von Loma Plata. Que interesante!!!!         Wünschen dir weiter viel Mut und Erfolg in deiner Arbeit!         Alfred

Comment from Pennsylvania

Truly, meeting you was worth the trip - although there was much more! 
       You appear to be uniquely equipped for this ministry that has come to you so uninvited  ...by the leading of God's spirit. 

-      You know how to deal with the technology needed to produce a program that reaches thousands and has resulted on a rather two continent network
-      You have the languages - including the n!
-      God has given you a message that is much needed.
-      You have a wonderful wife who supports you and the ministry, both morally and financially.  And
-      Maybe most important of all, you have a spirit that can connect with the audience.

So blessings on you, brother (and sister). I would encourage you to neither try to speed up or slow it down.  Just follow the leading of God's spirit. 
And I pray that you not become distracted.  That can happen so easily when you are in constant need for support and when the subject matter is so delicate. One really bad moment, one risky Fritz and Franz joke, could hurt you for years to come.

Alles beste und Gott bevol,        Edgar

Comment from Manitoba

Buenos dias hermano.

         In my chats with Mennonites here at work and else where, I find that some love your program and faithfully listen. Others are indifferent and some dislike it altogether. I want to encourage you in this way...God has placed in you a special gift of connecting with many people. Keep seeking Him daily and He will see it thru what He has begun in you.

So you you see Carl, we can't win them all, we can't reach out to each one that crosses our path; but rest assured that each one has been orchestrated by God.      Be blest mi amigo and keep looking up...                Jim