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Listener Feedback

Comments gathered form listener's far and wide.

Comment from Mexico

Hi Carl, I just found out how many CD'S were sold last week, about 50. Actually what happens is, there's a convenience store in this village. I started to give them a copy of your program and recommended them to make more copy's and have them there for sale for a low cost price to see if people would buy them, and he says people really like your programs.

Que tenga un buen fin de Semana ( have a good week end ) Dave from Gonzalez near Tamaulipas

Comment from Paraguay

Leewa Zachries,
Ekj mucht jieri diene programme aunhorche, scheck doch bitte dienen link. Eck sie Anna (89 joari jung) von Menno Colony, dankscheen, Anna

Comment from Paraguay

Gutentag Zacharis

Ich Grusse aus dem Chaco Paraguayo. Ich wohn in LOMA PLATA.

Wir hoeren im Internet deine programe und uns gefahlen die sehr. ich Arbeite beim Industrie werk. Was ist deine Arbeit oder machst nur Radioprograme? GOTT SEGNE EUCH. Thiessen

Comment from Texas

I just had to drop you a line or two to let you you know what difference your program makes.

I had the chance to talk to a gentlman at a fund raiser last friday and it just was so good to hear him telling me how he listened to your programs and agreed with your point of views, even the ones you so clearly bring across with Fritz & Fraunz.

So thank you for your effort and time, it will and does make a difference. Lots of people are able for the first time to hear a different side to life without and pressure from church, family or friends for they to listen to your program in the privacy of their own radio.

The radio audiece here around Seminole Tx love the program. God bless you, Lydia