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Listener Feedback

Comments gathered form listener's far and wide.

Comment from Texas


I was visiting Kornelsen’s this week end where he told me about your program. We log on and there it was. As you were talking about the Low German languish, I told Allen my morale and self-esteem went up. I think many German people think Low German is a shame to speak. So programs like this will help for that.

Good job! Corny Thiessen

Comment from Mexico

Listen to the audio clip from Mexico. They too enjoy the program. Cool.

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Comment from BC

It is well over a week since you were in Vanderhoof and I have barely finished laughing. I would have liked to chat more with you, but I had to take that "Tante" home....remember? She is not really my aunt, but just my favorite "Senior" whom I picked up at the Seniors Lodge and is almost 90. She enjoyed the evening as much as I did.
I say that, so you will know that people of ALL ages enjoyed that program. Encore, encore!!!! (Noch e'mol) Jake.

Comment from Paraguay

Carlos, ich mercke das man, zum beispiel, so ein Program wie deins zu selbts verständlich nimt, wenn es alle woche ohne probleme an komt. Und manschmall sind wir Gott und dir nicht sehr Dankbar genug dafuer. Ich hatte gestern nocht mit ein man gesprochen von manitoba kolonie und er sagte das unsere radio arbeit eine grosze wunde kriegen wurden wenn es Carl Zachrias sein program nicht mehr geben wurde,( Das sollte dich mut und kraf geben adelante amigo.) Franz