Carl's Condition

Here is a link to the blog for Carl. It was created by Carl and his family. It is no longer updated.

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Zachries Fetalt

Wann'je daut program hieren wellen, dann dreckt opp den Dotum nopp. Wann'je irjent Bemoikjungen haben, dann mott jie ieascht enn'registrieren.

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       Sorry folks, there is no audio attached to this post. All I wanted to do was to see whether it was possible for me to give you an update as to where I am. I left Reinland on Thursday morning and made it to Sioux City, Iowa where I met John Zacharias from MacGregor, Manitoba for supper. We visited and then he was heading home. I continued on to Missouri Valley, where I stayed for night.

        When I stopped for night, I thought I was done with winter. When I woke up in the morning, this is what I found. 3" of snow on my car and a very wet highway. Good thing it was only wet and not icy and slippery. So I drove and drove, right through Topeka, Kansas, then through Tulsa, Oklahoma and by then I thought, why not go all the way to Paris, Texas and stay the night there.

         So that's where I ended up and am writing from this morning. I hope to connect with folks in Tigertown this afternoon and then tomorrow I'm off to Lott, Texas to visit the Friesens. 


In this weeks edition of the news, you'll hear something from Altona, Manitoba; from Bolivia, Paraguay, and Mexico. There was less news out of Belize this week and I'm not sure why that would be. It was good to get an update from Nueva Esperanza, a colony close to San Jose de Chiquitos and for most people, a very long ride from Santa Cruz. They are happy to be able to hear this program on Radio Logos, a shortwave transmitter based out of Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

The reflection continues along the theme of "love in all relationships" and this week I managed to fit in a song, which didn't have room last week. It fit with last weeks thoughts, but hey, here it is.

Fritz and Franz seem to always have something to offer. This week there were 3 different contributors for the show and there were more, only I had to let them know that the space and time was full and that their story would have to wait for another time. Asi es. Or that's simply how it is. Enjoy the show.

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      Under the news, there are some accident related items from Paraguay, Mexico and Bolivia. An update from Artur Hildebrand and Edward Heinrichs. Monday was a day filled with phone calls for most of the day. Some of the calls also had to do with plans for my up coming trip south to Texas and Kansas to meet listeners, fund raise and do some public relations.

       Under the heading of spiritual reflection, I continued with the subject "love in all relationships" and I used 2 passages of scripture this week, one from Isaiah, the other from Matthew.

       My Fritz and Franz stories came from listeners. One from Kansas, the other Bolivia and the last one is taken from the Mennonitische Post. I hope you enjoy the show. It was fun putting it all together again. Shalom.

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Stay tuned for a short report from Abe Guenter from Nuevo Ideal, Durango, Mexico; as well as a short report from Edward Heinrichs from Rio Verde, Paraguay. This week you'll also hear an update on the prisoners who were held in Cotoca and where they are now and how they feel about the move.

In my spiritual reflection portion I continue with the topic of "what is a mennonite". I do a bit of a review of the things I've learned and then introduce the topic "love in all relationships". I'm expecting this to be another interesting study.

And finally under the Fritz and Franz segment I share a story about how the boys have been busy pulling vehicles out of a mud hole, just as the vehicles enter their village. They sure have been busy! But hey, they make $20 every time they pull someone out of the mud and they know that this is a great money making opportunity. Listen in because you will like it.

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