Carl's Condition

Here is a link to the blog for Carl. It was created by Carl and his family. It is no longer updated.

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Zachries Fetalt

Wann'je daut program hieren wellen, dann dreckt opp den Dotum nopp. Wann'je irjent Bemoikjungen haben, dann mott jie ieascht enn'registrieren.

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      It's Easter Weekend and I wish all of you a very Happy and Blessed Easter! The Lord is risen indeed! In this weeks program I have some news and for the very first time, I've recorded a segment with Abe Guenther. He has offered to help me with the news and so we'll see how we can make this work in the weeks and months to come. We've got news from Mexico, Belize, Paraguay, Bolivia, the US and Canada. 

      The "toom aewa nodenkjen" section deals with not only loving our enemies, but also praying for them. I transition into the Fritz and Franz section, but without jokes this week. You as listeners might be disappointed, but it is Easter after all. Many will hear this program on Thursday night before Good Friday. Others will hear it on Friday night and throughout the Easter weekend. So I hope this will be acceptable to you folks.

       Enjoy the show and thanks for your support.   Carl.

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 Welcome back to the news format this time. Different updates from where mennonites live, are in this program. The reflection continues to deal with the topic of love in all situations, as was taught and modelled by Jesus. And thanks to you listeners for the stories I use in Fritz and Franz. I try to use what you give me in such a way that we all have a bit of fun with the stories. 

         If you have any questions, write me at and I'll try and answer them as best I can.

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      The first part of the program is more reporting on my trip experiences. I really enjoyed meeting many wonderful people. All the way from Seminole, through Muleshoe, Liberal, Garden City, Sublette, Copeland, Montezuma, Newton, Potwin, and Henderson. A few news items, hopefully more next week now that I'm home again.

       The reflection continues to focus on the Love Jesus has for us and the Penner sisters new CD has a song that so perfectly fits this piece. 

       And then Fritz and Franz. The best part of this piece is the "laughing song". If you don't listen to anything else, listen to the last piece of the show. You'll be laughing too. I sure did. Enjoy.

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       This week I've taken the liberty to once again write about my trip to Paris, Lott and Seminole Texas. It's been absolutely wonderful to meet old friends and to make a whole bunch of new ones. It's been amazing and at the same time very humbling to hear the different comments about this program. Thanks to you, the listeners, for showing an interest in this program and thanks to God for always being there to help me put this weekly edition together.

       Toom aewa nodenkjen continues with the topic of Love in all Relationships. Fritz and Franz share a few stories and then the half hour comes to a close once again. It's been an adventure filled week and a pleasure to meet so many people. Thanks for your hospitality. May God bless you folks for your acts of kindness. Shalom.

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