Carl's Condition

Here is a link to the blog for Carl. It was created by Carl and his family. It is no longer updated.

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Zachries Fetalt

Wann'je daut program hieren wellen, dann dreckt opp den Dotum nopp. Wann'je irjent Bemoikjungen haben, dann mott jie ieascht enn'registrieren.

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Another edition of news and views, together with Abe Guenther from Dalhart, Texas. Updates on mennonites in jail in Bolivia. As well as an update on the status of Jacob Dyck in the hospital in Amarillo, Texas; as well as an update on John Rempel in the hospital in Mexico. An update on the newest low german Radio station, XEER 990 from Mexico. You can listen to it by going to and clicking on Radio La Familia.

A few jokes under Fritz and Franz and somewhere in the half hour, I've got about 5 minutes of spiritual reflection. Hope you enjoy it.

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Abe Guenther once again helps me out in the news segment. Updates from different places. The Reflection continues on the topic of "love in all relationships" and we looked at some Scripture and I shared a bit. Under Fritz and Franz I have a story for them this time. It's a story written by Jack Thiessen and deals with the movement of Mennonites to Canada and how difficult it was for parents to see their children leave.

It's a good story with a beautiful song included. Enjoy the program and God bless. 

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In this weeks program I finally took the time to do a bit of an introduction to Abe Guenther, who has been helping me with the news. We cover a wide range of news events again this week, taking almost 17 minutes in this show. The news is followed by a few thoughts to reflect on and then story time with Fritz and Franz. 

I was planning on being in Saskatchewan this week for the MCC advisory committee meetings, happening near Saskatoon. However, due to my back and the sciatic issues I've been having, it was decided that perhaps it was best I stay home and give my back and leg an extended rest. I'm working on getting into shape again. But hey, only time will tell whether my back will heal or not.

Looking forward to what the next week will bring. Wishing all of you a great rest of the week!

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      I enjoyed working together with Abe Guenther again this week. You will notice that he has helped me out with the news again. We've got news about Slave Lake, Alberta; news from Kansas; from Mexico; Bolivia; Belize and right here from the area where I live. I hope you really enjoy the show and remember that this coming Friday at 7:30, at the PW Enns Concert Hall, we'll be having a low german evening.

      So click on the date and hit the play button, sit back and relax and enjoy the program. I had a great time putting it all together. Peace to you all.    Carl

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