Carl's Condition

Here is a link to the blog for Carl. It was created by Carl and his family. It is no longer updated.

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Zachries Fetalt

Wann'je daut program hieren wellen, dann dreckt opp den Dotum nopp. Wann'je irjent Bemoikjungen haben, dann mott jie ieascht enn'registrieren.

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Another week has passed on by and here I am, still sitting at home and waiting for healing to my back. It seems to be improving slowly, but way to slowly for my liking. But hey, I'll try and be patient a bit longer. I did get some stories though, some visitors, some news and a half hour show put together again.

I hope you enjoy the show and if you like what you hear and you would like to help support this Low German Radio Ministry, you can send your donation to LGRM, RR1 Box 205, Winkler, Mb,  R6W 4A1

Enjoy your week and have fun with this program. Feel free to write me at       CZ

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My back continues to give me grief. I would very much like to be on the road again and visit all you listeners out there. But hey, here I am and I've got another program ready for you this week. I do answer some of Abe Guenthers questions regarding my back, the radio program, funding and so on. So be sure to listen. The news and Fritz and Franz are also on this half hour podcast.

If you would like to support the Low German Radio Ministry, you can make your check out to LGRM, RR1 Box 205, Winkler, Manitoba, R6W 4A1 and in that way support the program. Note though, that if you send it to this address, you will not be receiving a tax deductible receipt. If that's what you would like, then make your donation to ICMS and let them know that it's for the LGRM. Here's their address.

ICMS, Box 24 Stn A, Abbotsford, BC, V2T 6Z4

Like I said, the check is made out to ICMS, but they need to know where the money should go and so that needs to be clearly marked that the donation is for LGRM. Thank you for your support.

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       Welcome to this weeks program once again. You know the format by now, right? News, Thought for the week, and some fun with Fritz and Franz. Make sure you take time to listen to the story this week. It has a good lesson about loving others and how that impacts them and us. I'm glad Abe Guenther could help me again and I am also thankful for the news items sent to me by the different listeners. 

       It's been interesting to be in conversation with so many young people this past week again. These young people tell me that they are calling from Colony Tranquilo and they have stories to share.

       Like Fritz and Franz would say, "haaaaaasta la proxima".

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             Welcome to this weeks edition of Zachries fetalt. This past week I received numerous phone calls and visits, which continue to encourage me to keep on producing this half hour show. Since my back has been giving me quite some trouble lately, I have not been able to do get around and visit listeners like I would like to do. That has in turn affected the funding for the Low German Radio Ministry.

             If you live in the USA or Canada and would like a charitable donation receipt, you can get one now, by sending your donation to ICMS. Just make sure you tell them that it's for the Low German Radio Ministry (LGRM). Just go to the website and to the donate area. Follow instructions and contribute to this Radio ministry.

             I hope you enjoy this weeks show.   Carl

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