Carl's Condition

Here is a link to the blog for Carl. It was created by Carl and his family. It is no longer updated.

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Zachries Fetalt

Wann'je daut program hieren wellen, dann dreckt opp den Dotum nopp. Wann'je irjent Bemoikjungen haben, dann mott jie ieascht enn'registrieren.

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announcement re last program for southern Alberta; short visit with Jacob from Indian Creek, Belize; short chat with Jacobo from Capulin, Mexico; update from Dave from Gonzalez near Tamaulipas; report from Artur in Bergthal colony; update from Levi in the Chaco.
Toom Aewa Nodenkjen - closing thoughts on "die Kirche als freiwillige Gemeinschaft"
Fritz and Franz - story about troubled times in colony Tranquilo


MCC auction in Alberta; dairy cow purchases in Paraguay; insecurity in Mexico; and a house fire in Lubbock, Texas are just a few of this weeks news stories. Toom aewa Nodenkjen continues with "die Gemeinde als freiwillige Gemeinschaft". And of course some story time with Fritz and Franz....going fishing.


Zachries fetalt for week of June 10, 2010


Zachries fetalt for week of June 3, 2010