Akron: 13 July 11: Busier'n A Bee In A Bucket of Tar

I've been a bit busy at work, lately.

A few months back, this was not the case, and I made a few incautious comments about "not having enough to do." I may even have used the word "bored" once or twice. So my lovely and thoughtful supervisor found a few extra things for me to do, and it was good.

Then, about a month ago, things got busy. I no longer had time to knit at the desk, or even take a few minutes here or there to browse the internet as a mental break. (I'm not saying that these are inalienable rights - just that it was a rather stark contrast to what went before.) I felt like I was running as fast as I could to keep from moving backwards, and a few things fell by the wayside. At the peak of it (probably Tuesday), I discovered I had missed a few small but crucial tasks, and as a result, a few people had to scramble last-minute to make sure all our passengers got picked up at the airport.

However, somehow I managed to get caught up yesterday. I organized a day of airport pickups for fifty-one people, and I checked the room assignments that somehow managed to fit 99 people into a facility with only 88 real beds. I caught a few errors before they turned nasty, and went home feeling like life was almost under control.

Today I had time to do a couple of tasks that have been on the back burner since they popped up on my to-do list on the third Thursday in June, and I also had the time to double-check that I had reserved the right vehicles at the right times for all those airport trips. I even spent a pleasant half-hour or more doing some cleanup and prep work against the day when I start training my replacement.

I chatted for a few minutes with one of our volunteer drivers, and he was kind enough to say "You know, it's like you walked in, sat down in that chair, and never missed a beat. You must have done this before." I suppose I have, in various small ways, but never on this scale, and it's good to know that for the most part, I'm getting it right.

Of course, an hour before closing, I checked my email, and there were two housing crises that had to be dealt with before I left. Ah, well, I'm sure all this last-minute scrambling is good exercise...