Akron: 13 June 21: In Praise of Skirts, or What Happens When the A/C Dies

Having grown up in a family of tomboys, I am not overfond of skirts. Dresses or separates, a skirt has often seemed to me to be somewhat limiting of what one can do and how one can move. Four years of wearing a uniform in high school (a jumper and blouse, not a kilt) furthered my disdain, and years of cold winters and walking to work confirmed me in my ideas that skirts have their place, but it is a small place, and rarely intersects with my milieu.

I have, of course, worn skirts and dresses at various times in my adult life, for the ultra-dressy occasions (weddings, especially my own), and a few of the dressy ones as well (funerals, church, parties). Work? not unless I was going to a funeral immediately after.

Then, there was this week. It was hot and humid, unusually so for this time of year. And this was also the week that we had no air conditioning at work.

It has been a long-drawn-out process leading to this week. The old system was failing and due for replacement, and a case was made for setting up a geothermal system instead of simply replacing the old cooling tower. Money was found in the budget, contractors were hired... We've temporarily lost part of the parking lot as asphalt was stripped away and a dozen and a half wells were dug. There were holdups and setbacks, but on Monday morning, the old cooling tower was shut down for good.

It couldn't be a simple switchover, though - that would be too easy. There must be a difference in pipe levels that must be bridged, old fittings to cut away and new ones to be supplied. The system must be drained, flushed, refilled, tweaked, drained again, topped up with glycol, and then calibrated once more. But as of this morning, the geothermal air conditioning was at work for us.

What has this to do with skirts? Well... I aim for a professional appearance, so shorts are out. If I had worn any of my dress pants, I would have melted. So this week I wore skirts: a chocolate-brown tiered knit that came to just below the knee, a rayon summer dress in cool blues and greens, a creamy long skirt with embroidery and hankerchief insets in the hem... and I have to say I enjoyed it thoroughly. I see more skirt-wearing in my future - at least until the weather gets cold.

I have also just recently purchased a Little Black Dress for myself, as well as a Little Green Dress I came across in my search for the LBD. While dresses and skirts won't ever replace my reliable dress pants and jeans, but I suspect they'll be taking more space in my closet, and showing up at work more often.