Akron: 13 April 30: This Really Is Spring!

It's spring, all right, and the world around me is blossoming.

It started with the knee-high hedges beside the house up the block. One day, they were a collection of sticks. The next day, they were a proper hedge, but covered in bright yellow flowers instead of leaves. Then the magnolia trees started to bloom. I still find them bizarrely beautiful - these big old naked trees suddenly sprouting pink waxy blooms that look like a million prom corsages. (The daffodils and hyacinths kicked in around this time, too.)

After that, every tree I looked at seemed to be in full flower. There's a weeping cherry that I see from the break table that is truly gorgeous - it has a certain Japanese woodcut vibe, somehow. There's a different type of cherry near one of the apartment entrances that has double blooms, so it looks like it's covered either in pink carnations or those tissue paper flowers I always thought had no analog in nature... guess I was wrong. By now, the daffs are gone and the tulips are almost past, and the orchards are starting to lose their bloom, too. I must say, I'm curious to see what other colours will pop out of the woodwork - or the landscape - in the near future.


Ha ha. It snowed this morning!