Akron: 13 April 17: Break Time

A much-needed long weekend is now past. It was quite enjoyable.

We booked off a Friday and Monday, and ran off to a small town about forty miles from here, to stay at b&b. Said b&b is a Victorian home that has been carefully restored and decorated in all things Victorian and cat. Yes, I said "cat." Each of the rooms is named after a cat breed, there are cat pictures and figurines and hangings in abundance, and the house is ruled by a regal orange Maine Coon named Rocky.  Rocky is somewhat aloof, but the house is his, and he reserves the right to check out all the guest, supervise their evenings, and remind everyone that this is *his* house by lying on whatever bed he chooses. I had been hoping for snuggles, but Rocky is not a snuggler. He spent the better part of the first evening lying on the bed near my feet, though, so that was good.

We spent most Friday evening eating sushi and watching TV. Saturday we went to York to visit Central Market and whatever else appealed to us. This included a model train store that specialized in O-gauge and a very sizable used book and collectibles place. Said York Emporium even had some signed-by-author paperbacks, two by Jack Vance. Vance is a science fiction writer who has been publishing since 1945. He's created some truly impressive worlds and characters, and is a highly-gifted wordsmith. I wasn't prepared to purchase signed Vance books, but I knew someone who was, so I was able to make Paul, the friend who introduced me to Vance in the first place, quite happy.

Sunday we visited a local Methodist church, and I picked up an idea for a story-for-the-children, should my turn ever arise again. We also trekked out to Morningstar Market and saw lots of stuff that we would like to buy. We limited ourselves to a sheet set (me) and an old-fashioned electric desk fan (John). When we got back to the b&b, we parked ourselves in the backyard and snuggled the outside cat, a black and white charmer named Midnight. He was only too ready to be snuggled, so I got my cat fix for the week.

Monday, we went to Harrisburg, cruised around a little, and ended up in Lemoyne in the Cleve Erickson library. It is beautiful: lots of quarter-sawn oak, brass plates, Mission-style furniture (and Morris chairs), and square-pyramid stained-glass lampshades. The furniture was comfortable, there were lots of books, the wi-fi was available to all... I took lots of pictures, and hope to create an album online for my co-workers at home to look at. (They had an interesting way of handling holds that might spark some ideas for us...)

Then we swung past the airport, and came back. A lovely trip, and we're thinking that we might use all of our vacation time in similar extended weekends.


In completely other news, it's 15C outside at 9:30am, and 24.2C inside. I'm wishing for sandals and a skirt. The best part is that we're in process of installing a geothermal system at the office, and during some of that time, the office A/C will not be usable.  That will definitely be sandals and skirt time...