Akron: 13 February 13: Short takes

So, because I can't seem to sit down and write a focused blog post, a few short takes.

1. The cold that has been attacking me since Friday afternoon is beginning to abate, to the point where I feel like I can think again. I also feel rather less like a walking pestilence factory. Needless to say, the hand sanitizer and the disinfectant wipes have seen considerable use these last three days.

2. The Honda President's Day Sale commercial that's been running is stop-and-stare weird. Think Abraham Lincoln and George Washington singing a boy-band number, backed by the Revolutionary-War-era fife and drum trio. It does not compute, especially with the cars scattered over the set - and the special effects are the work of underachievers.

3. Knitting is fun! I'm figuring out the details of the next two knitting projects, and I'm not even finished the current project. (Although I have some serious amounts of knitting time blocked out for the weekend, so who knows?)  Perhaps we'll pop in at a WallyWorld tonight to look for supplies.

4. Memo to weather: make up your mind - winter or spring? It keeps flipping back and forth across the freezing point, and I keep thinking, "Look, if you're going to act like spring, you're only allowed to dish out one snowstorm or major freezing rain burst." What can I say - Manitoba weather has spoiled me.