Akron: 13 February 07: Is this what they call an existential moment?


Just a few minutes ago, I was picking my way across the porch and down the (outside) steps from our second-floor apartment to the breezeway on the main floor, laundry basket in hand. It's full dark and has been since seven or so, and it's hovering somewhere just around freezing. My ankles are cold, but bearably so, and the rest of me is fine in jeans and a fleece. And as I'm stepping cautiously down the stairs and the motion sensor light kicks in as I hit the fourth stair from the bottom, I'm thinking about  the fact that I'll be doing this every week. Every week I'll be trekking down stairs to take care of the laundry, and it will get hot, and in summer I'll be wearing sandals and shorts and one of those sleeveless cotton blouses I'm already collecting for summer, and it will still be almost to hot to bear... and I find myself thinking "can someone remind me again: why am I here? and when can I go home?"

Then, of course, I collect the laundry, head back up the stairs, and join my sweetie in the living room, and the feeling passes.

(Spoiler: the answer to the second question is "just a little over seven and a half months from now.")


Hi Lindi-boo,  I missed you today - Tuesday - an automatic urge to see you... also read in my diary of last year at this time when you and John would come for a bit and you'd massage my aching shoulders. (I'm getting regular massages now from Tina Heide - prescribed by my doctor!!)

I enjoy reading your blog and book reports.  We, the leftover Zachs, Ing & Co. Ltd, are leaving for LA on Friday (well, to Fargo first and then on Sat morning to LA via Denver).  We don't anticipate the storm and waits that Es and fam experienced. 

Elaine told me about Dora Dueck's reading in May.  I hope to be there.