Akron: 13 January 01: On New Year's Day

Happy New Year!

So today we were invited to my boss's home for the traditional good-luck New Year's Day meal of the area: pork and sauerkraut. Correctly done, one cooks the pork in the sauerkraut, and then serves the two with mashed potatoes. Extra points are conferred if you mix all three together, apparently. It is surprisingly tasty, and I would consider having it again. Horseradish was available for those who so desired, and bread, pickles, and veggies to dip were also served.

For dessert, we brought the Russian Mennonite traditional New Year's Day food: portzelky. This isn't John's recipe, but it'll pass. The portzelky were well-received.
Afterwards, it was the traditional sitting around and chatting. I had the opportunity to stroke mine hosts' cat, which I thoroughly enjoyed. (I do miss my cats. *sigh*) A good time was had by all.

We came home to discover that our neighbors downstairs were hosting a meeting of their house church, so we listened in on the singing. It sounds like some very impassioned speaking, too, but the few words I can make out are not a language I understand. Well, there is the occasional Hallelujah!, but that's about it.

I'm looking forward to a quiet evening of doing nothing more strenuous than digesting and maybe watching TV, and going to bed early. Tomorrow begins a new work year, and I would prefer to be there on time.

(I have some Christmas stuff I want to blog about, but not just now.)