What I'm reading now: Brief edition: 08 April 11

The Union Club Mysteries--Isaac Asimov
Casebook of the Black Widowers--Isaac Asimov
Victim of circumstance--W.E. Davis
Murder sets seed-- Janis Harrison
Unknown means-- Elizabeth Becka
Stolen-- Lesley Pearce (Fiction)
When the killing’s done-- T.C. Boyle (Literary Fiction)
Secrets to the grave-- Tami Hoag
A couple of short takes here:

Victim of Circumstance:  It's an older mystery, from the middle of a series, and it's Christian fiction. I dislike starting in the middle of things, but this was... readable. Decent. Might even read another one of his if I ever find one.

Murder sets seed: Also an older book, also from the middle of a series, this time of gardening/florist mysteries. It was quite decent.

Stolen: Is it mystery? is it plain old ordinary fiction? Mystery-- I suppose. My overall reaction? "Meh."

When the killing's done:  Definitely literary fiction-- I found myself wondering about the significance of various things. It wasn't a pleasant read, but it was a good read. If you want a nuanced take on managing the environment, this is a good choice.

Secrets to the grave: I read Tami Hoag's stuff avidly for a while. I lost interest. This one brought me back again.