What I'm (not) Reading Now: 12 November 19

I haven't read anything this week.

I've done some novelling, though, and Roland has found his sister, won the battle, freed his siblings... and now I have to figure out how to get them home. (it didn't take 18K to find the party, find his sister, and win her freedom from the King of the Elves, as I predicted, but it did at least take about 10K, which is better than I expected.) As I said, four people and one motorcycle don't really make for a practical travel combination. Also, I suspect they're going to get attacked by... stuff... en route, but I don't know what. Snakes, I suspect - they've become a theme - but ... hmm. Could work. It will require some re-writing at certain points earlier in the story. Also... are there snakes in Detroit, or am I going to have to get fantastical?