Akron: 12 November 14

It's been a while, I know. I've been a little occupied.

I'm trying to do National Novel Writing Month again, in spite of working full time, and that does tend to eat a few hours here and there. It also doesn't help that sometimes I'd rather do "research" (ie futz around on the internet) than actually write. And, while I'm piling on the excuses, I was sick for a few days last week.

I can't believe it's mid-November. It still looks and feels like early/mid fall to me. There are still a lot of trees with leaves (I can actually see a green-leafed tree from where I sit) in a variety of colors, and it mostly stays above freezing. As for snow, we've had rain. (We got brushed by Super Storm Sandy, as I think I've mentioned elsewhen, but in addition to that, it's probably rained six or seven inches since the beginning of October. It's weird). Oddly enough, even with the higher local humidity, I'm noticing some bits of dry skin. Perhaps my skin doesn't appreciate the local water.

We're in a flurry of transition here, as one of the people I work with quite closely is retiring, and is training her replacement. Her replacement is a lovely and vivacious lady who is going to make sure the volunteers here have a social life (somewhat to John's unspoken regret). Anyway, we're trying to fit in a unit meeting, a birthday celebration, and a farewell lunch around trying to make sure that all the knowledge that needs to be passed on has indeed been imparted (or at least written down somewhere semi-obvious). This is happening more in the back office, though, and for the most part, up at the front desk where I am, it's quiet. Enough so that often I'm done my day's tasks (aside from answering the phone and starting the next day's newsletter) by 9:30 a.m. Of course, this means I have plenty of time for getting acquainted with the contents of the files (both paper and electronic) associated with my position. I've spent quite a few hours culling and re-organizing. (I also have time -with explicit permission from my supervisor, mind you!- to write this blog post at my desk while I'm waiting for the phone to ring.)

I suppose I could try writing for NaNo at the desk as well, but I'm a little concerned that both my phone-answering and my writing would suffer from concentration interruptus. I might try it tomorrow if it's as under-scheduled as today. Anyway, I should enjoy it while I can, as I understand that come January, things will pick up and I'll have trouble getting my regular duties done at all in between phone calls. We'll see, though, won't we?

I was pleased to note today that I've got the script down for most standard occasions ("just a minute while I put you through to his/her desk" as an example), and I know how to find a lot of the information I need. Just when I get confident, though, someone throws me a curve and wants information on how to ship bicycles to Zambia, or something similar. Ah well. It keeps me on my toes.
And now, if you'll excuse me, I have a newsletter to start.

(note: composed at 3:30 pm; posted at 9:30 pm)

PS: I drove to and from choir by myself in the dark. I did go on a bit of a GPS adventure due to a wrong turn very early on, but I was at choir just in time.