What I'm (not) Reading Now: 12 November 12


I did actually get to do some reading recently. Not books as such - an ebook again, and some short stories of various lengths. I tracked down works by two authors that I'd first been exposed to in a collection of great mystery short stories. The two are Jacques Futrelle, who wrote The Thinking Machine short stories. The Thinking Machine is a scientist of German extraction, fifty years old and given to reminding people that two and two always make four (usually followed by implying or outright stating that everything else is as logically predictable). They're interesting reading, so check them out here.

I don't remember the story featuring Phillip Trent by E. C. Bentley that was in that book (the title of which escapes me. It's on my shelves at home, but that doesn't help), but I read Trent's last case on Project Gutenberg. It was perhaps a foolish choice, it being his last case and all, and me preferring to start at the beginning. I have no idea why I did that. However, it was a nice mystery, with a couple of interesting twists, and the writing was clean without feeling old-fashioned. When I have time again, I'll read more.

In the meantime, I'm madly novelling, and I hit the half-way point today. Sadly, Roland is on his way to the final climactic battle with the King of the Elves for the freedom of his sister, and I don't think it's going to take him five thousand words to find the rave/nightclub/traveling party/portal between worlds, another five to find his sister within said rave etc etc, eight to battle the King of the Elves, and then seven to travel home again. Although how Roland, Ellen, Jamie, and Michael are all going to get home when they only have one motorcycle between the four of them is something I haven't given adequate thought to.

Also, I can't seem to spell thought correctly on the first try.