What I'm Reading Now: 12 August 13

This last week has been a bit hectic, with pet projects littering my personal landscape. So, just the one book this week...

Daughter of Time-- Josephine Tey

Inspector Allen Grant is stuck in bed after an injury sustained in the line of duty, and he is beyond bored. A good friend who knows his interest in faces brings him an assortment of portraits, each of a player (villain or victim) in a historical unsolved murder. Grant's attention is captured by a face he would never have suspected of belonging to a murderer: that of Richard III, famously hunchbacked murderer of two of his nephews.  With the help of a young American, Grant undertakes to find out if Richard was indeed the killer, and the final fate of the two boys. It was a fascinating read, even after having read it a few times previously; there's no life-threatening situation here, but Tey makes you care about the long-ago murders, as well as the need to let the truth be known in face of historical inaccuracies. Recommended-- and once you've finished Daughter of Time, I recommend putting Brat Farrar, The Franchise Affair, Miss Pym Disposes, and The man in the queue  on your reading list.