What I'm Reading Now: 12 July 02

No mark upon her - Deborah Crombie

So, not much reading this week, due to the usual reason, namely, "life is what happens while you're making other plans." However, this week, I'm taking some vacation time. Granted, I've got a few commitments, and I'm hoping to take on a project a day, but one of these projects is "do nothing until I'm tired of it." (I don't expect I'll get it done that day, but one has to have a goal.) And by doing nothing, I mean sitting and reading, preferably while snuggling a cat. I have a few new books from the library that I've been looking forward to, a few from the book sale I haven't gotten to yet, and right now I feel like the reading world is my oyster, and someone's just handed me an oyster knife and pail...

In No mark upon her, Gemma James and Duncan Kincaid are now freshly married (for the third time within months) and working out how to balance their blended family, including their new foster daughter, with the demands of their careers. Both James and Kincaid are police officers, with positions that don't mesh well with a regular schedule and stable family life, but they think they can manage until a senior officer is found drowned in the Thames. While Kincaid is investigating her life as a police officer and as an Olympic-calibre athlete, James is running her own unrelated investigation, a series of rape complaints. As always, Crombie's plots are twisty and well-thought-out, and her characters (both returning and new) are fascinating. This was very good, and I'd recommend keeping an eye out for all the James and Kincaid mysteries.