May 12

Last year when our plum tree was in full bloom, we spotted a Cape May Warbler flitting around among the blossoms.  We sat and watched him for a few hours. Now the tree is again in full bloom, but this year we have to content ourselves with a few butterflies and bumblebees around the blossoms. 

Yesterday I was pruning the raspberries - not a very pleasant task - but while I was at it, the brown thrasher was singing to me.  His song is varied and he can mimic a number of different birds.  I can now recognize his song by the fact that it is varied, and that he repeats each phrase. 


Another  thing happened the other day.  We heard the drumming noise of a woodpecker.  It was a yellowshafted flicker, using the neighbour's playhouse as a drum.  He kept this up for some time.  I think he was just making noise.

The wood ducks have been checking out our cottonwood tree as a potential home.  It seems that they again have decided to build elsewhere.