May 9

The migrating sparrows seem to be on the move. Today we saw only one or two white throated or white crowned sparrows. There are few Harris sparrows around yet.
The grackles remain active around the feeders, and as I m writing this, there is Downy woodpecker at the feeder.
The mourning dove appears to be building nest (such as it is) in the spruce tree just outside our window.
We,ve sighted and heard the Eurasian collared dove several times on our walk through the village. The last time was in the area of the Ens Heriage Homestead. It night be nesting thre.
We ve had a few goldfinches around. At noon today were more of them. At one point I saw 8 or10 at one time.
Now we re waiting for the orioles and the swallows.