April 25, 2012

This morning we looked out the window and saw several chipping sparrows and several white throated sparrows.  We had seen one of each earlier, but today there were several of them.  The chipping sparrow will go to the feeder, but both species are ground feeders.

Also on the one feeder we saw a male goldfinch in his brilliant yellow summer plumage.

Since our last entry we have had yellow-shafted flickers on the lawn, some doing the flicker dance. We have seen mallards and wood ducks on the pond.  One morning we had the hermit thrush, and while driving we spotted two night-hawks.

Here are pictures of the albina Junco and the Eurasian Collared dove mentioned last week.

Eurasian Collared dove Eurasian Collared Dove Albina Junco