Trillium Project part 4

This is where we work on wiring, cleaning up stuff and take it out camping the first time.

Trillium Project part 3

So we got the frame back under the shell. And in this episode, we also start the cushions.

Trillium Project part 2

This is the next installment of our story. We pull the frame out from under the egg. Sanding and painting begin, and a sneak peak at what we're going to usee for a water tank.

New Project - 1980 Trillium

So we bought a trailer. It's a 1980 Trillium 4500 that a previous owner tried to "customize". It looks like they started the project and then sold it to the next guy who did a little and made it worse. Now we own it and we're going to try to put it back into it's former glory.