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15th Annual Reinland Golf Tournament

The 15th annual Reinland Golf Tournament is on for Tuesday, July 27. As in other years, it will be a best ball/Texas scramble style of tournament, where you choose the best shot of your foursome and use that as the starting point of your next drive or putt (subject to certain rules to keep things fair). As in other years, it will be held at the Walhalla Golf Course, a scenic 9-hole course with a nice mix of par 3s and 4s. You can enter as a foursome, or have the organizers put you into a foursome. Cost is green fees plus $1.00 (Canadian), and remember that you'll need your passport to cross the border. Tee-off will be between 4:30 and 6:00, and prizes will be awarded afterwards.
Experience not required, although it may be helpful. What is required is a willingness to spend time with Reinlanders and have some fun doing it.
To register, call Werner at 325-4495.

Community Breakfast

There's a Community Breakfast at the Community Centre this Saturday, 7:30-10:30 a.m. I've already made arrangements to have that morning free so I can help out in the kitchen. It'll be a bigger event than some breakfasts, because we're the designated breakfast stop for the Eden Tractor Trek.

Line of tractors

Come and enjoy a hearty breakfast (or a light one, if you choose) with us, and admire the beautifully-restored tractors as their drivers get ready for a leisurely fund-raising drive. Proceeds go to the Eden Foundation, which provides mental health services to Winkler and the surrounding area.

Breakfast is open to everyone, and we'll be glad to take your order and serve you breakfast. And the cost? Your donation.

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