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I sold my car

After 7 years I've sold my car. It's kind of weird, I've owned the most conspicuos car in Canada, and now I'm driving a beige sedan. I've really enjoyed owning and driving this car, and I've talked to a lot of people because of it. I was also involved in the smart car club in Winnipeg and met some great people. I think this was quite possibly the most enjoyable car I've owned, but at the same time it was also the most frustrating. Everything about this car was done differently than every other car. I will miss it.

smart car

My beautiful car at it's best.



In Honour of a Friend

You have noticed that the site looks different today. I have done this in honour of our friend, Carl Zacharias. Carl as most of you know was a contributor to this site, and one of Reinland's best know sons. We heard the news this morning that Carl died. At this point we do not have any other information, but will update the site as we know more about funeral arrangements. You can also look at the family blog located at:

Getting classy

I've got connections. Weird connections to the strangest places, and some of them are in my family. Now I'm not complaining, it's just that when you watch TV or go to one of those networking meetings, they don't talk about having connections to a thrift store. I am lucky enough to have amazing connections to the MCC thrift store where I grew up. My brother-in-law manages the Kildonan MCC thrift store and gave us a tour last time I was in Winnipeg.

While we were there looking at all the cool things in the back and hearing about the plans to upgrade the store front we spotted a classic French provincial style chesterfield and chair. Well, as we drove back home, we discussed the possibility of buying them and how they would look in our house. Linda wasn't sure that the colour would look right with our chosen wall colour. I thought that the colour was fine and that the fact that it was more comfortable and we wouldn't slouch as much was a very important point.

By the time we got home we had decided to buy it and made a phone call to seal the deal. Plans were made to pick it up on Saturday, but my parents called and said they were going to bring it to us on Friday. After cleaning up and and moving out the old sofa, the new furniture looked right at home. Needless to say Linda needed to test it to see if it worked properly.

new chair

She said it worked, I thought that our house finally got chairs that came close to the class Linda shows.

Now we just have to finish the trim & curtains and the living room will be complete.

A harrowing day

Well today was my birthday. Not really that big of a deal anymore. After I turned 16 I could go for my driver's licence and after 18 I could purchase and consume alcohol and vote, but now not much changes. In fact with all the responsibilities and family get togethers and celebrations, I won't even get cake for a few more days. I'm not complaining though. Today was a good day, and after all these years I think today was ther first time I felt like an adult on my birthday.

Now don't get me wrong, I've felt like an adult before. Well once or twice...but I think this was the first time it happened on my birthday.

I was out in the yard doing some fall cleanup and giving the yard a last mow, when I saw my neighbour out in his yard. I was on our lawn tractor and he gave a little nod of recognition and I returned it and in that moment, I felt adult. Like you see in the old TV shows, the men out doing yard work and acknowledging each other, sees kind of odd in retrospect.

Now to explain about the harrowing day, while I was mowing with the lawn tractor, I was also pulling a harrow. Friends of ours have a farm which happens to have some older machinery. I mentioned that I needed a harrow section to Dave and he said, " I just took one apart, come down and pick up a piece." Well I explained that I only wanted it for a while this fall and again in spring, but that I'm returning it after use since we don't need another thing clutering up the yard. I have enough toys out there already.

So there I was dragging a harrow with a log dumped on top of it for a bit more bite mowing away merrily. I did make a mess of the yard, but a bit more level of a mess since the nightcrawlers in our backyard have made it quite bumpy. I think a few more times in spring along with a bit of soil or compost to fill in the low spots and we should have a much nicer lawn in a few years.

To round out the day we wound up in Carman at the Beavers liverfest fundraiser. It was held at the Carman Legion Hall and the cooks did and excellent job making the liver and the coffee there was good enough for seconds. Maybe next year I'll get steak and cake.