Trillium Project part 3

So we got the f-rame back under the shell. And in this episode, we also start the cushions.

Trillium Project part 2

This is the next installment of our story. We pull the frame out from under the egg. Sanding and painting begin, and a sneak peak at what we're going to usee for a water tank.

New Project - 1980 Trillium

So we bought a trailer. It's a 1980 Trillium 4500 that a previous owner tried to "customize". It looks like they started the project and then sold it to the next guy who did a little and made it worse. Now we own it and we're going to try to put it back into it's former glory.

If you were sad you missed the last breakfast, here's your chance

Here's your chance to meet your neighbours and enjoy a great breakfast.